2929 Canton Shared Office :: Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

Inspire productivity with flexible space in a meticulously renovated warehouse.

Boost efficiency with private company spaces plus thoughtful and functional shared amenities.

Optimize overhead with an affordable and friendly lease.

Shared business amenities to enhance your creativity.

Dedicated company spaces for extreme and safe productivity.

Your company needs flexible office space that makes sense.

All while saving the most cents.

Another space leased!

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We welcome dogs!

One of our favorite brag-worthy benefits at 2929 Canton is our dog-friendly workplace.

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Tenant Profile: Arm Candy

All of our tenants at 2929 Canton Shared Office Space are like family, and Arm Candy is no exception!

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Seven Features of 2929 Canton Shared Office Space & What That Means For You

At 2929 Canton, we’ve combined the best of co-working with the best of leasing -- all wrapped together with a bow for you! Read on for seven cool benefits of officing in our building.

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Introducing Ourselves

Welcome to 2929 Canton Shared Office Space, and to our first blog post. We are so glad you are here! We thought we’d use this first post to introduce you to our building.

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sq. ft. of dedicated spaces


sq. ft. of shared amenities


meeting rooms


solo rooms


Video podcast room

2929 Canton Shared Office :: Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

Everything but insurance is included in the price you see.

It's that easy.

The best of co-working. The best of leasing. Wrapped together with a bow for you. And for shorter terms -- 12- to 24-months -- than a typically complicated three- to five-year triple-net lease.

Simply bring your furniture, computers, favorite succulents, and proof of your company's general liability insurance.

Everything else is included, like water, electricity, internet, 24/7 security, janitorial services, coffee, tea, community Slack channel, conference rooms, and more.

Need your space furnished? Let's talk.

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2929 Canton Shared Office :: Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

This is a light-filled, fully renovated, gigabit fiber connected, exposed wood and steel warehouse with improvements for privacy and productivity.

Office in an inspired and safe work environment located less than one mile from downtown in the eclectic and historic Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.

The building was originally the home of National Welding and Grinding Company, so it retains that wide open feel but now with modern touches.

Plus, have fun with your colleagues and impress your clients by enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner, and concerts at the amazing restaurants, bars, and venues within easy walking-distance (click here).

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2929 Canton Shared Office :: Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

Modern tech in your office space and every meeting room.

With five meeting areas, four private videoconference rooms, and even a video podcast room to choose from, you'll always have the right space available for you, your team, or your guests.

Every conference room is equipped with a 360-degree conference camera and speakerphones, so your meetings can look and sound beautiful without a hitch.

Plus, you can view availability on monitors throughout the building, and reserve any room in advance from built-in iPads - or right from your phone.

Additionally, each dedicated company space has control over their own Sonos zone, so pipe unlimited background music and get in the groove.

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1 GB+

fiber internet


Sonos® Zones






nursing room



2929 Canton Shared Office :: Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

Hybrid workforce, meet hybrid heartforce.

Peloton® All-Access memberships included so your employees can work out at the office, at home, and on the go.

Healthy colleagues are essential to great business. Keep your team happy and healthy with free memberships to one of the world's leading workout communities.

Classes include biking, running, yoga, strength training, boxing, meditation, pilates, and barre.

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2929 Canton Shared Office :: Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

Unrestricted 24x7 access with fully monitored security plus private parking available.

Since we only lease to companies, this is your office, not a desk for someone you've never met. Gain the confidence to get real work done. Any day, any hour.

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2929 Canton Shared Office :: Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

Hyper-fast internet with WiFi 6 and wired networks dedicated and isolated to your company, including VPN access.

Powered by an enterprise-class firewall and network infrastructure, your company's data stays safe on its own network, from the inside and outside.

Have compliance or service level agreement (SLA) needs? Talk to us about an available upgrade, including automated network compliance reports.

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2929 Canton Shared Office :: Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

Unlimited freshly ground organic coffee and espresso, K-cup selections, and Rakkasan Tea included.

Did someone say, "Treat?!"

And in case you're "asking for a friend," the occasional on-the-house cocktails are pretty delicious.

For more info on Rakkasan Tea, their mission, and leadership, click here.

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community bar-top seats


private company spaces


available for lease

2929 Canton Shared Office :: Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

On-site community manager for service with a smile.

A pleasant workplace is a productive workplace.

Yes, we have fun holiday parties and a few impromptu happy hours -- but no, we're not going to ask you to do "team building exercises" with another company.

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2929 Canton Shared Office :: Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

Free their minds.

And the profits follow.

Being in a creative space inspires your team to think outside the box.

Solve problems in a new, high gear. Anything is possible.

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